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Electrostatic chuck power supply

Legacy Products

The EPS series of electrostatic chuck power supplies has been continuously manufactured since 1998. These legacy products will continue to be available on a limited case-by-case basis to maintain systems and process platforms in the field.

Electrostatic chuck power supply

EPS series electrostatic chuck power supplies

EPS Series Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies
EPS100 – 1.0kV, 5W bipolar, electrostatic chuck power supply (1998-2002)
EPS120 – 1.0kV, 5W bipolar, electrostatic chuck power supply (1998-2002)
EPS200 – 1.0kV and 2.5kV, 10W bipolar, programmable electrostatic chuck power supply (1999-2017)
EPS300 – 1.0kV and 2.0kV, 10W bipolar, embedded electrostatic chuck power supply (2002-2017)

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Gripping Power will continue to provide support and service for legacy EPS series products through 2023.