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High-Power Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies Introduced at SEMICON West

CLEARWATER, FL July 9, 2018 – Gripping Power, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high voltage power systems for the semiconductor fabrication industry, will introduce the new GPA, GPE and GPX line of electrostatic chuck (ESC) power supplies at SEMICON West, held July 10-12, 2018 in San Francisco, California.

The GPX and GPE series are bipolar, fully-programmable, electrostatic chuck power supplies for 200mm, 300mm and 450mm semiconductor wafer processing. They feature a high-power output capability of up to ±6kVDC at 50W and an efficient switch-mode topology which runs cool without forced air. The GPX and GPE power supplies can operate fully-floating, ground referenced or biased and provide over 8kVDC of galvanic isolation when floating. The output is safety interlocked via a GES MCS series, six-pin high voltage connector.

The GPE series provides the same high performance features of the GPX series but in a compact embedded enclosure. Valuable instrument rack space can be saved, as these units can be located near the radio frequency (RF) enclosure, eliminating the need for lengthy high-voltage cables from rack mounted power supplies.

The GPA series are low-cost, regulated, high-voltage power supplies which are available configured as entry-level electrostatic chuck power supplies, general purpose bipolar power supplies or unipolar bias power supplies. They are available with output power levels of up to ±3kVDC at 25W.

The GPX and the GPA series both feature easy-to-read OLED displays. These units can be controlled by the front panel user interface, analog and digital I/O or via the USB interface. EtherCAT and Modbus TCP/IP network interfaces are optionally available on both the GPX and GPE units.

For more information visit Gripping Power at booth 322 at SEMICON West 2018.

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Gripping Power, Inc. (GPI) is a privately-held company, based in Clearwater, Florida, that manufactures application specific, high voltage power systems and accessories for demanding applications in the semiconductor fabrication industry. Since 2002, GPI has produced programmable electrostatic chuck power supplies which have been employed by academic organizations and leading companies around the world involved in the research and manufacture of advanced semiconductor devices. GPI also produces high voltage cable assemblies and RF filters.

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