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GPE Series – Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies

The GPE series are bipolar, floating, fully-programmable, electrostatic chuck (ESC) power supplies in an embedded enclosure. Valuable instrument rack space can be saved, as these compact units can be located near the RF enclosure, eliminating the need for lengthy high-voltage cables.
GPE Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply
• High-power capability for driving Coulombic or Johnsen-Rahbek electrostatic chucks
• Output center-point can be fully-floating, ground referenced or biased
• Voltage output follows user defined chuck and dechuck algorithms
• Up to eight different chuck and dechuck programs can be edited and stored for process flexibility
• Declamp waveform frequencies of up to 10 cycles per second
• Constant voltage and constant current regulation modes
• Operation can be controlled by the front panel, analog and digital I/O, RS-232 serial or the USB interface
• EtherCAT® and ModBus TCP/IP network interface options available
• Wafer sensor adapts to various chuck sizes and RF delivery systems
• Compact in size and can be mounted in any orientation

All GPE series power supplies are factory configured to operate from 24VDC.

Dimensions: 75mm (H) x 210mm (W) x 254mm (L)

GPE Series Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies*
GPE600 – 0 to ±6.0kV, 50W ESC power supply
GPE300 – 0 to ±3.0kV, 25W ESC power supply
GPE150 – 0 to ±1.5kV, 12W ESC power supply

The GPE series power supplies can replace the ESC5PN25 and the legacy EPS300 power supply in all electrostatic chuck applications.

*Available Q4 2018